Why Indonesia

  • The paint and coating industry is one of few business sectors in Indonesia with strong domestic players with local brands dominating the paint and coating market taking up to 75% to 80% market share.


  • Euromonitor estimates that the CAGR of the paint and coating industry will grow by 9.8% over 2016 – 2021, reaching  41.3 trillion IDR by 2021. This is supported by the government’s plan to invest 5.5 quadrillion IDR in infrastructure and residential construction projects until 2019 which will further sustain the growth of the industry.


  • President Jokowi launched the one million homes programme. Under this initiative, the government is determined to build one million accommodation units every year until its term ends in 2019.


  • Based on the Master Plan of the National Industrial Development, the Indonesian government has set a target to develop 36 new industrial estates with a total area of 50,000 hectares.
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