Shuang Cai New Material (SCNM) is known as the sized chemical mill specialized in tech research, development, production & sales-supports of the additives for powder coating.
SCNM got renamed successfully in the Year-2021 with Xing Yun & Liang Sheng Yuan jointed to set up laboratory in line of Silicone, Polymer and New Materials
The company has been aiming for global markets as well as inland marketing area with the mission of promoting the development of the powder coating industry and striving for green tech and green coating to manage to make the solvent based coating replaced by the VOCS( Votatile Organic Compounds)。
The company has implemented ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 management systems and obtained the certificates of the three systems. The company has been honored as a “High-Tech Research Center” and a “Eco-friendly low-Carbon Mill”